Week 1 and Tabata Workouts

Okay, so the first week is behind us. How’d it go?   I know several people struggled with the blizzard situation (I think they were calling it Juno),snowand the resulting children home for multiple days thing.    Just remember, every moment is a fresh start and it doesn’t have to be perfect to still have an impact.  So, if you didn’t have a perfect week, move on.  You can have a perfect week this week.

How’d it go for me?  This was a good food week for me.  I ate the food I made.  I LOVED my lunch every day – spaghetti squash, broccoli, turkey sausage, and homemade tomato sauce.  I ate it M-F for lunch and on Friday I was still loving it.  I went to a going away event for a colleague at a local bar and drank club soda.  I sat at the bar for dinner on Friday (haddock with root vegetables and some oysters) and drank club soda.  We went out to dinner at a friend’s on Saturday night.  She made salmon and brussel sprouts with bacon, so I was in heaven and it wasn’t hard to stay away from potatoes, mac and cheese, and cake (which looked great and everyone else really loved!).  And I made these date balls, which I still have some of at home.  Date, walnut, unsweetened cocoa powder and vanilla, and they taste like brownies.  So good.  Oh and I drank club soda, like 6 of them.  I’m drinking club soda now.  Nothing wrong with some club soda.

The workout plan  was somewhat foiled by the weather which closed Crossfit for a day and a half.  But I made it up at home and on the weekend.  On one of the closed gym  days I did the posted At Home Monster WOD.GymClosed2

This was harder than I thought it would be.  Probably I should have been tipped off by the term “Monster.”  It took me 14:37 and I was gassed. But then I did a Tabata workout of hollow rocks and planks.  Do you guys know Tabata?  I’ve posted a couple of  typical Tabata workout below.  That’s another great thing to do when you’re sitting around watching TV or in your hotel room.

Friday we did Fran.  It’s one of the “Girls” Crossfit benchmark workouts, which means it keeps coming up and you can measure your progress.  21-15-9, Thrusters at 65lb for women, and pull ups.  So, 21 Thrusters into 21 Pull ups, 15/15, 9/9.  That’s it.  Doesn’t seem like much does it?  Yeah, its not much.  You should try it.

No seriously: it could kill you.  Stay away.  You will not believe how thoroughly your ass is kicked in so few minutes.  And I already felt like crap and was popping Dayquil.  So I thought it would be awful, and it was.  But I did manage to squeak out a PR!  Fran

(That Kristen in the #1 spot is amazing.  She’s a bit older than me, and TINY (tinier than Adrienne, even) and crushes it every time.  Awe.

I also did a 90 minutes Crossfit Endurance class on Saturday.  Crazy hard.  Tons of rowing.  And Sunday was a fun team WOD that I did with my friend Meredith.  Well, it was fun to partner with Meredith, but it was really hard too.  You and your partner have to accumulate 3000 meters while the other person is doing a barbell complex of 4 hang power cleans, 6 front squats, and 8 shoulder to overhead (however you want).  Whenever the person with the weight has to put the bar down, you switch rowers.  The weight started at 85lbs, but every time you hit 1000M, you got to lower the weight by 10 lbs, so you ended at 65lbs.  Oof.

So, even with the blizzard (Juno), this was a good week for me.  Made easy by the fact I was home, could eat my own food, and could get to the gym a lot.

This week will be interesting.  I’m traveling Tuesday night to Thursday night and then I leave Friday VERY early to begin my journey to Singapore for a sales meeting.  If the snow doesn’t crush me Monday early morning, I plan on getting into Crossfit before the roads are impassable.  Tuesday is Pilates and Crossfit.  And I hope to get to the hotel gym on Wednesday and Thursday.  Food, well, Sunday – Tuesday evening, I’ll eat my food.

  • Breakfast – omelet with peppers and onion, 2 slices bacon
  • Tuna, hard boiled egg and avocado  (lazy lunch this week, but it’s just two days!)
  • Dinner – Chilli con carne and sauteed spinach
  • pistachios and a banana for snacks

After that I’m  eating out a lot and also traveling during meal hours.  We’ll see how I do.  I’ll keep you posted.

Tabata Workouts You Can Do At Home

Tabata is a great way to get an intense workout in in a short amount of time.You’ll do 20 secs on and 10 secs off of work for 4 minutes.  Its not a lot of time, so the idea is to push yourself as hard as you can for that 20 seconds, and you should try to maintain your initial number of reps (not always possible!).

My go to, that I often do at the end of a hotel workout is the one I mentioned before:  Hollow rocks/planks.  For a hollow rock, lie down on the floor with your arms straight behind you and your legs straight out front.  Lift your shoulders and legs off the ground and press your lower back into the floor.  Now rock like a seesaw for 20 seconds.  If this gets tough, you can bring your hands down by your sides instead of overhead and/or bend one leg in, but always maintaining shoulders and legs off the floor.  Rest 10 seconds and then hold a plank for 20 seconds.  Do that couplet 4 times.

You can also do a cardio Tabata of Burpees and High Knees.

Bodyweight Tabata: Pushups and Air squats

You could do all 3 of these TWICE with minimal rest and have a total kick as 24 minute workout that you could do in your living room, hotel room, office . . . maybe not office.

I always find my phone goes to sleep when I just use the stopwatch, so I got an app.  This one cost some money, but liked it because the numbers are big.  There are free ones on the app store as well.tabata

Good luck with Week 2!


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  1. Thanks for the props Donna! The reality is that 9 out of 10 times our names are reversed : ) day in and day out you rock the WOD girl!!

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