It’s Not Much, but It’s Home

Hey ho. I am so deep in Spring “cleaning,” there’s nowhere to go but deeper. You know what I mean? You do one thing. It looks great. And rather than just focus there on the thing that looks great, you’re looking at the next thing that doesn’t look so great. This is the human condition my friends. And I am nothing if not human.

Anyway, some of these things have been a long time coming. I have baskets under my bookcase where I’ve been putting magazines – apparently since 2002.  MagazineDecember 2002, our first Christmas in our house. I clearly had grand ideas of becoming some kind of domestic goddess. . . . I’m kind of guessing that Martha Stewart would not be keeping magazines getting dusty in the bottom of a basket for almost 15 years.

I’ve looked at those baskets dozens of time a year over the last decade + and I’ve thought, I should really get rid of those magazines. Then I thought. That doesn’t actually sounds like something I want to do. I have an amazing ability to put off things that I know I should do, but don’t really have any interest in doing. I’ve had 3 idiot lights on in my car for probably 3 months. But I finally brought the car in this weekend and got everything taken care of. Because now I’m in “it’s time to take care of all of that stuff that kind of bothers you but not enough for you to have done anything about it” mode.

So, as you know we got the painting done. Joanquil. That was the color I picked in record time.livingroom

Doesn’t it look awesome? Those are the baskets that were overflowing with magazines. Now empty. It looks wonderfully, warm and bright with the sun coming in. Love it. What until you see what I’m going to do with my staircase. It’s going to be awesome. Lets face it: I love my taste. If I ever make a home decor decision that I don’t love, I will think I’ve been taken over by body snatchers.

Of course we also did the fence, Fencewhich means we needed to fix the grass, and next week, hopefully with the much needed help of a friend, I”m going to do a ton of planting. I want the little patch of dirt in the front of my house to look like one of those gardens that are like this rich, and abundant mess that all somehow works together. You know, it looks effortless, but you KNOW it wasn’t. And you KNOW because there is literally no way you could ever make your garden look that way. It’s like the garden equivalent of bed-head.

And there are a dozen other things that I now have to do, now that I’ve started, so I’m pretty much in that mode that I described above, also known as “spend” mode for short.

And although I am completely over-achieving on my home projects spring goals. I’ve made zero progress on getting to an 95lb snatch or a muscle up. I need renewed focus there. Or not. I’ve been liking my workouts. Feeling strong. Life will go on without a 95lb snatch or a muscle up. But I really want them . . .You can see my dilemma.

Oh, and the party I told you I couldn’t talk about? It was my mom’s 70th surprise party at Mohegan Sun Casino. It was awesome!

So wast that cake from Carlos’ Bakery. You know Carlos the cake boss, Carlos. Holy cow, it was delicious. Just a simple vanilla cake with a cannoli filling. Now that’s a cake to celebrate your 70th birthday with IMHO. And I killed it at craps. Just call me shooter. Everyone loved me.

Oh, and I know I haven’t been writing much. I’m giving myself permission for now. I’ll keep you posted on my home makeovers, and keep checking in.  I’m also hoping to start getting inspired with more spring cooking, and I’ll post some new recipes soon. And I have a couple of other things I’m thinking about sharing, once I get out of home mode.

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