What’s Not Impressive (And Healthy Travel Tips)

I just got to my hotel, and I turned on the TV to E! News TV. There’s a story on a about Vanessa Hudgens, she’s doing a sexy photo shoot and talking about how she lost 20lbs. Vanessa Hudgens going from really skinny to she-must-have-to-get-her-clothes-made-because-there-is-no-adult-clothing-made-to-fit-a-body-that-small is not impressive.

What is impressive is me walking by Cadbury Eggs AND a bowl of Cadbury MIni-Eggs in the office for 3 days only to escape by going on the road. . . . where I’m in a hotel room with a totally stocked mini bar . . .and I’m not talking about the booze.

I’ve been driving for five hours and I’m starving.

Me NOT downing 3 lbs of chocolate covered pretzels, THAT’S impressive.

Also I literally don’t know why Vanessa Hudgens is famous. I had to look up how to spell her name.

Anyway, eating on the road is more challenging than being at home, where you can make all the right choices, but not impossible. It was late and I wanted to put on pajamas, so I ordered room service.  Instead of raiding the minibar, I ordered this delicious salmonsalmon

and I had them take away the massive bread basket they brought with it, because why torture myself.

Clearly, not every hotel has room service like this. But it’s always possible to make better choices on the road:

Room Service Choices

There’s nothing worse than crappy room service. It’s hard to make good choices with a crappy room service menu. Ummmm burger? Quesadilla? buffalo wings? Nothing’s probably going to taste great, but if you’re not planning on heading out for better food, ordering the burger without a bun and the Garden Salad is usually a pretty safe way to go. Minestrone or another tomato or broth based soup can be pretty filling and usually not the worst tasting thing you can order.  You can also try the shrimp cocktail, but bad shrimp cocktail stomach is not something you want while traveling.

Travel Snacks

I’ve posted about this before. I’m a big believer in packing snacks. My snack choices are getting a limited because I seem to be having pretty bad allergic reactions from nuts, nut butters, or bars with nuts. But those are great travel choices if you face doesn’t blow up when you eat them.  I do TRY to stay away from processed foods, which to me includes a lot of the bars that are out there. But if the choice is a bar or big mac, seems like the bar is going to be a better choice.

Travel Tips

It’s always a good idea to pack extra snacks to have at the hotel, so you don’t come back to your starving and raid that super stocked minibar.

My fully stocked Minibar
My fully stocked Minibar

AND if you’re really going to have a problem with the super stocked minibar, ask the hotel to remove the snacks. They will. You’re allowed to ask.  If you do pack travel snacks, pack them in a few individual bags, so you don’t destroy and entire back of nuts, when really all you needed was a handful to get you until dinner.

Drink tons of water. All the time. Lots of it. First off, every thing about travel is dehydrating. Hotel rooms are often dry. Airplanes are super dry. So drink lots of water. Also, it’s easy to confuse thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated can help you eat only when you are truly hungry. Bring water with you to the hotel or buy bottles in the lobby. Water is life.My Big Bottle of Water

Also try, as much as possible, keep up your normal routine. If you normally eat oatmeal in the morning, eat oatmeal. If you normally go to a yoga class before work, before you leave on your trip, find a yoga routine on YouTube you can do. If you normally got to Spin after work, do some research and find a Spin studio near where you’re staying, they’re everywhere now! And maybe you can get a work colleague to join you.

Like I did. For tomorrow morning Spin class!

I travel a lot for work, so let me know if you have any healthy travel tips. I’d love to hear your strategies!

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