Spring Renewal

You probably think I’m in some kind of downward food/booze spiral because I haven’t been posting much. But, actually, it’s  not true!  I’m doing great. I”ve been eating well and prepping my food.

Well, admittedly, I ate all the food and drank all the wine in India, which I just will never stop doing when I go to places with amazing food. But other than that and my neck injury a couple weeks back that made me dial back my workouts just a bit, I’m doing great. I’ve just been super busy: busy at work, busy with some spring home projects, and busy planning a special party, which I can’t tell you about just yet.

Anyway, I CAN tell you about how my home projects are going.  You may remember from a couple of posts ago, I had some Spring goals, and some of them were around home projects. Here they are in case you don’t remember them:

  • Replace the outside fence.  Check!  Scheduled!
  • Replace the heinous stairway carpet that’s been here since we moved in. Okay, this hasn’t happened yet, BUT I know have a whole stairway plan, which includes the new carpet but also some statement painting on the stairwell. Stay tuned on this one.
  • Replace the lighting fixtures in the dining room. One of them hangs so low that my tall, and even normal height friends run into it. Here we’ve made the decision to just ditch and not replace the low light. We don’t really need it. But we ARE replacing the light over the dining room table. Check it out. A11479D9-170E-4BA9-8A49-BC98FAFCA074I ordered that. Isn’t it awesome?
  • Maybes: interior painting (not by me) and replacing our run down shed. Painting is scheduled!

So I feel like I’ve made some pretty good progress on my Spring home goals. Although, admittedly, with not a ton of careful planning. I probably should have had all the paint colors picked out BEFORE I scheduled the painters to come on TUESDAY.  But, it was motivation to not belabor my color choices, which are staying similar but bolder and brighter. So the calm straw yellow in the liming room is going to be replaced by a much warmer, deeper, and golder Jonquil. It looks like thisjonquilroom

Except I have a blue couch. I think it’s going to be an awesome paint color that I picked it out in about 15 minutes.

I’m so excited about giving my place a little bit of a makeover, even if it’s all feeling a little rush and unplanned. Luckily I tend to like my taste.

Anyway, Sunday was finally a gorgeous spring day and there are more to come, so why not celebrate it with your own renewal.

  • Spruce up your own living space, whether that’s cleaning out your closets and giving bags of unused clothes to charity or maybe a new rug or fresh coat of paint!
  • Try a new activity. I’m amazed every day about the number of new specialized fitness studios are opening up every month.  It seems impossible that there’s more demand. Then again, a new Orange Theory just opened up near work. I kind of think I need to try it! Now’s also a great time to start taking your fitness outside. I’m going to get my bike tuned up!
  • Just get outside! Go for a walk during lunch. Feel the sun on your face. Remember that???
  • Be excited that it’s just going to get better from here: warm weather, barbeques, beach, golf (if you’re into that kind of thing), and dresses without tights!

Be happy my friends, it’s spring!

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