Dear Winter, Don’t Let Spring Hit You in the Ass

Dear Winter,

Go F*** yourself. Today is spring and we are officially, unofficially, emotionally, fundamentally, utterly, and finally done with you.  Whatever was nice and charming about you has long since passed. And you should too.

Look we’ll let you back next year, but for now you’ve outstayed your welcome. You’ll need to leave.

Impatiently yours, Donna

Just to put a finer point on the end of winter, I’ve put together some spring goals for myself.

2017 Spring Goals

  1. Plan and complete some much overdue home repairs:
    • Replace the outside fence (I can’t believe it made it through the winter, but since winter is over, it did)
    • Replace the heinous stairway carpet that’s been here since we moved in. (No offence to previous owners. I’m sure it looked amazing when they picked it out).stairs
    • Replace the lighting fixtures in the dining room. One of them hangs so low that my tall, and even normal height friends run into it
    • Maybes: interior painting (not by me) and replacing our run down shed.
  2.  Hit a 95 lb snatch, the right way. Not the thing that I do now.

    Photo by Patrice Jones
    Bottom of a 65# snatch, Photo by Patrice Jones
  3. Conquer the bar muscle up. I seem to be able to do one a year. I’d like to make it a more regular thing.
  4. Continue to develop my own “creative confidence.” Creative Confidence happens to be the title of a very cool book I just read, which is about, well I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, but in this context creativity isn’t about art, music, or poetry, it’s about creative problem solving and designing solutions. So, to put more specificity on this goal, I’m going to start using one of the specific techniques they suggested for helping you think through a problem: mind mapping. I signed up for this online (and free!) mind mapping tool: Mindomo.  I think I’ll try that and try to use mind mapping as a note taking technique.


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