Still Not Doing the CrossFit Opens

Good riddance to this week. I’m sorry. I do NOT like wishing time away. It’s precious. We should find ways to enjoy each day. But seriously screw this week. I’m glad it’s over. We had a massive late season snowstorm, while Ben was away, and I had to shovel, which I hate.  Then while conducting a phone interview I started to have an allergic reaction and my face was blowing up, so I had to shoot myself with an epi pen. (If this person gets a job with us, this is going to be a very fun story to tell her at some point). And the next day in weightlifting I picked up the barbell to do a clean with a bit too much force and slammed it into my throat. It hurt a lot.  After I left there I went to  park the car before going on to the 2nd part of my workout. I was driving Ben’s car because it has 4 wheel drive, and since I’m no longer used to having an actual key for the ignition, I pulled up to the valet at work, I got out of the car, shut the door, and went to get my gym bag out of the trunk and . . . .I locked the key in the car. So now I’m at the office. The car is at the valet station. I’m unshowered, in my gym clothes with no makeup on, and the key is locked in the car. had to wait for AAA to show up. Then the next day I brought my car, got to the parking garage and didn’t have the pass to get in because it was in Ben’s car.

Okay, in the grand scheme of things these are all minor annoyances. And not an indication, as I was beginning to feel, that there was some kind of cosmic curse. But while it was all happening, and happening, and happening, it sure did feel like I was cosmically cursed.

Anyway, I’m still not doing the CrossFit Opens, but tomorrow is workout 17.4 and it’s a repeat of a workout I did last year, 16.4, and I think I did pretty well. Here’s the workout.

That’s 55 deadlifts, 55 Wall balls, 55 Calorie Row and 55 Handstand Push-ups. There is a 13 minute time cap.

Last year I finished the row in just over 10 minutes and then it took me 3 minutes to do just 8 handstand push-ups. I got 173 reps total.


Anyway, I’m not doing the opens. But I’m going to do the workout tomorrow. I hope I can beat my score. But it doesn’t matter. I’m not doing the Open.

This is an indication of why I’m not doing the Open.

Oh, happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go drink bad green beer and get into to some trouble!st patrick's day

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