Snow Day Home Work Out

For those of you who live in Hell, I mean those parts of the country that are getting a late winter storm, you may find yourself stuck at home today.  Maybe your gym is closed. Maybe you can’t get to the gym because your kids are home from school. Maybe you decided to listen to your state and local officials and stay off the roads.

My gym stayed open until 9:30, so I kept my regularly scheduled 5;30 workout. I don’t have kids. And I did not listen to my state and local officials about staying off the roads. It was fine. It wasn’t even snowing. But it’s kind of cool to drive around the city when no one else is on the road.

Anyway, the point is some of you might not have made it out, even though I’m predicting we’re not going to get more than 8″ in Boston, despite all the hoopla. I really hope we don’t get more than 8″. I figure 8″ or less and I can get out on the power of 4 wheel drive. More than that and I’m going to have to shovel, because Ben is on a rare business trip in LA. I don’t shovel. It falls into the “chore” category.

Right so, back to you, stuck in the house with the kids and not getting to the gym. If you can lock them in the closet, I mean sit them in front of the tv, for like 20 minutes. Here’s an awesome intense workout you can do at home.Snowdayworkout

Full disclosure, I haven’t done this yet, since I DID get to the gym and did the WOD this morning. And I came home and did ROMWod. But when I get stir crazy this afternoon, I’m going to do this. I’ll post my time.  Tell me how long it took you!

PS, it’s almost 9am and it’s still barely snowing. #Noshovelingforme


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