Just Another Manic Monday

Isn’t Spotify the coolest thing? Since only like two of you read my post from Friday, you might not know that I made a great workout playlist that I shared with Spotify.  You might also remember my “Girls Who Make you Sweat” playlist. So cool that you can do that with Spotify. Well done Spotify!

Anyway, I did my taxes this weekend. We’re getting some cash back, which of course just means that we’ve been giving the government an interest free loan on our money. But I still can’t help feeling like it’s a bonus when you get a tax refund. And the tax refund is helping to fund our trip to Berlin in May.  We’re going to see  this Swiss band that Ben loves, The Peacocks. Yep. Going to Berlin to see a Swiss band. Because we are just that cool. This is my favorite song they sing

(Yeah Spotify!)

So, after doing my taxes and getting flights to Berlin, I decided I needed something really cool to wear to the club because I’m not naturally hip and the club, Wild at Heart looks very rock and roll. So, feeling flush from my tax refund (which hasn’t actually arrived yet), I bought .  . .wait for it  . . .leather leggings!  Boom. I can’t decide if I’m so freaking cool or desperately holding on to a youth that never really existed. I’ll let you know how it goes with them. Maybe I’ll a post a picture and you can vote “so freaking cool” or “desperately holding onto that youth thing.”

Okay, I’m having this issue that I’ve decided I’m going to go on the wagon, off sugar, etc for April and May until the Berlin trip. Leather pants, I think, require this of me. But this decision is causing very, very, bad behavior. The “I need to  eat and drink whatever I want because in 2 weeks I’m on the wagon” kind of behavior. Also, it’s Easter season and that means that Cadbury mini eggs are everywhere. I LOVE Cadbury mini eggs. I’m just grateful that they sell them in those little single serving bags of deliciousness. I actually drank an entire bottle of wine by myself on Saturday. I haven’t done that in a very long time.

I can’t spend the next two weeks gorging on Cadbury mini eggs and downing bottles of wine.  So I’m packing extra fruit to bring to work this week to manage my sugar cravings. And hopefully the stupid snowstorm that we’re expecting on Tuesday won’t get in the way of getting to the gym. I’m so over the winter.

Anyway, my plan for the week: stay away from conference room cookies, cadbury eggs, and other mindless sugar splurging, get to the gym, of course, and maybe hit Crunch when I travel to Hoboken at the end of the week instead of the hotel gym.  Eat fruit.

Tomorrow I’m going to weightlifting and practice snatches (so bad at them) then do the WOD.

A. Front squats 6,6,5,5
B1. Ring rows @3111 x12
B2. KB Front rack wall sits x45 sec AHAP
B3. 10 ea banded Pallof press x10 ea

For Time
75 Wall Balls
rest 2 min
75 WB
rest 2 min
100 Double  Unders

That’s a lot of wall balls. . . .


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