CrossFit Open 17.3: Counting the Minutes

Holy Cow. For Those of you who are following the CrossFit Opens, once again let me say, “Holy Cow.”  A ladder of increasing weight squat snatches and increasing volume chest to bar pull ups. Here are the standards.

For most of us, this workout is over in 8 minutes. IF you are an incredibly fit, incredibly strong and incredibly skilled athlete, you have 24 minutes to finish what is impossible for 99.9% of us. Beyond impressive work by Matt Fraser and Scott Panchik, those guys were throwing 265 over their heads after 10 gazillion squat snatches and chest to bar pull ups. Like I said. Holy Cow.

Because I actually want to get a workout and I’m not registered for the opens, this is one I’m going to pass on. But in honor of those who are doing 17.3, and in honor of all of you who have slogged through a tough workout, (and with the help and inspiration from Ben), we’ve got a new playlist for you entitled “Counting the Minutes.” Every song has a number in the title. Clever, right? (Also there are some very bad words) Enjoy!


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